17th Annual BEAMS Bible Day
February 4, 2018

What would you do if you did not have a Bible? 

We as Americans have been so blessed. God has been so good to us. 

Most of us can afford to purchase Bibles. But many people in foreign countries are not as fortunate. Many live on $1.00 to $3.00 a day income. In many countries, Bibles are not easily available, and even if they were, most people could not afford a Bible. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018, has been set aside as Bible Day. Would you prayerfully consider emphasizing the importance of the Bible on this day? The purpose of Bible Day is: 

1. To emphasize the importance of the Word of God 
2. To inform churches of the BEAMS Bible ministry 
3. To receive an offering for BEAMS for Bibles 

We receive new requests from missionaries for Bibles each day and it is only through your generous giving that BEAMS is able to provide them with Bibles. We are now in over 150 countries and sending out an average of 10,000 Bibles per month. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.


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