Don and Mary Benson

In May of 1965 Mary and I were saved and baptized after ten years of marriage and became members of Columbia Road Baptist Church, Mason, Michigan. Shortly after salvation, God called me to the full time ministry of preaching the Gospel.

I attended Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan and graduated in May 1970. I received my Doctorate of Ministry in May 2000 from the West End Baptist College in Easley, South Carolina. I also received a Doctorate of Divinity that same year.

I pastored for 32 years and then God gave me a burden for Christians around the world that had no Bibles. I resigned my church and became a full time missionary with BEAMS in November 2002. Since that time, I have traveled to many churches preaching the Word of God and sharing the ministry of sending Bibles to missionaries on the foreign fields.

Mary has been a real companion in this ministry. Without her, it would be difficult to continue going to churches and sharing the ministry. She has a vital part in all that is accomplished. She truly is a help meet to me and a faithful missionary getting the Word of God to those who get saved.

The ministry of BEAMS is a local church ministry under Faith Baptist Church, Gulfport, Mississippi, where Dr. Dan Carr is pastor. We are sent out as full time missionaries by this church. All of our support comes from churches and love offerings given by the churches where we share the ministry.

We believe that God wants everyone to have a copy of God's Word. Many people who get saved on the foreign fields cannot afford a Bible or find one to purchase, so we want to help them by sending Bibles to missionaries free of charge.

The Great Commission is given to everyone who is saved, whether in America or other countries. Without a Bible, the task is almost impossible. Help us to meet the needs of people all across the world.


Don & Mary Benson 
Missionaries in TN, KY, IL, MI, & WI 

Ray Dombeck

Bro. Ray is a valued member of the BEAMS Bible Ministry in supplying whole, hard-covered Bibles for missionaries around the world. He is serious about preaching, seeing souls saved, and getting Bibles into the hands of new converts around the world who have no access to a Bible.

Since 1996, Bro. Ray has made many missions trips to a dozen countries, spending several months during a trip helping out missionaries. It was his personal contact with nationals and their need for Bibles that gave Bro. Ray a burden for the BEAMS ministry.

Bro. Ray is also a chalk artist. The illustrated sermon leaves a lasting impact on listeners as people retain more of what they see rather than what they hear. Combining chalk art with the BEAMS ministry has provided Bro. Ray an excellent opportunity of getting the burden and the need for Bibles into the church.

The primary purpose of BEAMS is to raise funds through the offerings of local Bible-believing Baptist churches for the printing and distribution of Bibles to missionaries in need.

As a full-time missionary for the BEAMS ministry, Bro. Ray lives by faith, receiving his support from churches that take him on with a monthly love offering. He does not receive any financial help from offerings given for Bibles. His home church is Central Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, MS.

Please keep Bro. Ray Dombeck in prayer as he travels for the BEAMS ministry and desires to see souls saved.

Ray Dombeck

René and Freda Freret

After 24 years as pastor and founder of Temple Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi, God called us to be missionaries with the BEAMS Bible Ministry. I resigned as pastor of the church on June 1, 1997 to be full-time with the BEAMS Bible ministry.

In these last ten years, the Lord has greatly blessed the BEAMS ministry. We give the Lord all the praise and honor and glory. The ministry has grown from serving 12 missionaries to over 1,700 independent Baptist missionaries and national pastors; from supplying 25 complete, hardback King James Bibles, or equivalent in other languages a month, to more than 10,000 Bibles a month; and from serving in three countries to over 117 countries.

In these ten years, we have supplied over 900,000 Bibles. We are told that one Bible will influence no less than 10 people. If this is true, then the BEAMS ministry has influenced over 9,000,000 people. Amen!

The ministry of BEAMS helps independent Baptist missionaries in two ways. We supply six whole hardback Bibles a month per missionary. For $48.00 a month a church can supply one missionary his Bibles.

Our second way of supplying Bibles to missionaries is by Special Projects. When a missionary needs more than six Bibles, we create a "Special Project File" on this missionary and then seek to raise the funds to supply this need. Sometimes missionaries need 100 Bibles or 500 Bibles or 1,000 Bibles or 10,000 Bibles or more.

Freda and I are sent out as full-time missionaries for the BEAMS ministry by Faith Baptist Church, Gulfport, Mississippi, Dr. Dan Carr, Pastor. We do not receive any support or financial help from offerings given for Bibles. We receive our support from churches taking us on for monthly support and from love offerings we receive when we travel and present the ministry in churches.

May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

Sincerely yours,
Your Missionaries
René and Freda

Delmas and Judy Knight

On May 1, 2003, I resigned as Pastor of Walker Springs Road Baptist Church, Jackson, Alabama, to become a full time BEAMS missionary. I pastored for thirty years, having started one church, which I pastored for 9 years. I also pastored three other Independent Baptist Churches where God placed me to serve. My wife and I travel to churches in Alabama, Florida and Georgia, seeking personal support, and presenting the needs that missionaries have for whole, hardback Bibles. Missionaries need Bibles!

We are excited to be a part of this much needed and vital ministry, and are confident that this is the Lord’s will for our lives. Pastor, we would love to come to your church and share this ministry with you and your church. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. We covet your prayers as we travel. Our home church is Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi, Dan Carr, Pastor.

Yours for souls & Bibles, 
Brother Delmas Knight 

Arthur and Rhonda Lockard

On August 7, 2011 Dr. Arthur Lockard resigned as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Palestine, Texas to follow the leading of the Lord to join the BEAMS Bible Ministry as Missionary Coordinator and Assistant to the Director. Dr. Lockard currently serves at the BEAMS headquarters as a BEAMS missionary and Associate Director. Dr. Lockard has served the Lord in various positions since entering the ministry. He has been a Youth Director, Song Leader, Assistant to the Pastor, and Pastor. He has served on the Board of a Seminary and Volunteer Fire Department.

Dr. Lockard and his wife, Rhonda, have been happily married since June of 1990 and have two married daughters. 

Arthur and Rhonda Lockard

Jeremy and Romona McGill

Jeremy and Romona McGill have been members of Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, MS since 2001. In June of 2004 brother Jeremy answered the call to preach and began serving in the prison ministry immediately after. The McGills have served in various ministries of Faith Baptist including Sunday school, vbs, the deaf ministry, Deep South Youth Conference, Master Clubs, baptism, and most recently, Brother Jeremy served as the Nursing Home ministry director. In 2015, after having lunch with the late Brother Mike Mizell, brother McGill became burdened with the urgent demand for the Word of God in the world. Feeling he wasn’t a good fit for the BEAMS ministry, brother Jeremy shelved what would turn out to be God’s calling on his life. God, however, would not let this burden die. Jeremy had heard Dr. René Freret say, “The greatest book in all the world is the Bible.” And brother Jeremy believed it. God's calling became more evident as time went on until one day during the National BEAMS Conference in 2016, Mrs. Romona asked her husband if God was dealing with him about a ministry. Before brother McGill could answer his wife she asked, “is it BEAMS?” God had not only been speaking to Jeremy’s heart, but also Mrs. Romona's.  After much counsel and prayer the McGill’s surrendered to serve as full time BEAMS missionaries. After training and preparing for almost a year and a half, the McGills were commissioned on July 5, 2017 and are now serving in the State of Arkansas.

Jeremy and Romona McGill 
BEAMS Missionaries Psalm 119:172

Alvin and Sharon Roberts

Dr. Alvin Roberts following the leading of the Lord became a full-time BEAMS missionary in March of 2012. Dr. Roberts has pastored two churches: Organized and pastored Frontier Baptist Church, Pontiac, MO and founded, organized and pastored Living Water Baptist Church, Chaparral, NM. Bro. Alvin has two daughters, two sons and 14 grandchildren.

Bro. Roberts' primary mission field is New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California,and West Texas. They are sent out of Hillcrest Baptist Church, El Paso, Texas.

Alvin Roberts

Don and Pat Smith

In October of 2012 Dr. Don Smith resigned as Pastor of Garrett Baptist Church, Garrett Texas to follow the leading of the Lord to become a full-time BEAMS missionary. Dr. Smith has served the Lord in various positions: Assistant Pastor, Administrator of a Christian School, Church Planter and Senior Pastor. Bro. Don and Sis. Pat have been married for 50 years. They two adult children both serving in the ministry and eight grandchildren.

The Smiths' primary mission field is the state of Texas. They are sent our of Landmark Baptist Church in Corsicana, Texas. For more information on the Smiths click on the link to their website:

Don and Pat Smith
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